Marriage Booking


We are providing proper arrangements for thirukadaiyur 60th marriage, 70th, 80th marriage ceremony and Swami darshan without any hassle.


We happy to help you in 24×7, anytime, anywhere, anything regarding arrangements.

Thirukadaiyur Temple Pooja Details
  • Ugaradha Shanthi ( Completion of 59th years )

  • Shastiathapoorthi ( Beginning of 61st years )

  • Bheemaradha Shanthi ( 70th Marraiage )

  • Vijayaratha Shanthi ( 75th Marriage )

  • Sadhabishegam ( 80th Marriage )

  • Kanagabishegam ( at the age of 90 )

  • Poornaabishegam ( at the age of 101 )

  • Aayush Homam ( for long life )

Brahmin Pooja
Non - Brahmin Pooja
Mrityunjaya Homam
An important blessing performed for a married couple on the man’s star birth date to protect against ill health or misfortune.
One Day Pooja
We can make all the arrangements for you for the perfect one-day event, from booking the temple space at the correct time for your ceremony,
Two Days Pooja
Perfect for those wishing to enjoy the event with an evening function and a further day of ceremonies the following day.
Non - Brahmin Pooja
​Ayush Homam
Can be performed atany age, including children, on a person’s star birth date and is a worship to Ayur Devata to bestow good health and long life.
One Day Pooja
We can take care of all the arrangements for your one day ceremony so that you can enjoy your time completely whilst visiting Thirukadaiyur Temple.
Two Days Pooja
A great way to immerse yourself in your ceremonies over two days, whilst we take care of all your needs and arrangements.
Thirukadaiyur Temple History in Tamil

Sri Amirtha Kadeswarar Temple is located at Thirukadaiyur. Thirukadaiyur is a place located near bay of bengal and cauvery river. This temple in Thirukadaiyur is very famous for celebrations of 60/70/80 birthdays in the forms of marriages. Every day hundreds of such marriages are celebrated and people from all over Tamilnadu come for celebrating their important day of life, This function is performed to father or grand-father by son, daughter, grandson, relations

  • Shastiapthapoorthi it’s a Hindu ceremony and its celebrating the 60th birthday of a male, akin to the renewal of marital vows

  • Sadhabishegam After reaching 80 Years the celebration is called as Sadabishegam, akin to the renewal of marital vows

  • Kanakabishegam After reaching 90 Years the celebration is called as Kanakabishegam, akin to the renewal of marital vows

  • Poornabishegam After reaching 100 Years the celebration is called as Kanakabishegam, akin to the renewal of marital vows

  • Ayush Homam is one such, performed on the completion of first year of birth Nakshatra 

  • Morning Hours: 6:00 AM – 1:00 PM

  • Evening Hours: 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Thirukadaiyur 60th Marriage Cost Booking Online
  • Usha Kaalam                                                    5:30 am

  • Kala Santhi Pooja                                           8:00 am

  • Uchikalam Pooja                                             10:00 pm

  • Sayarakshai Pooja                                          6:00 pm

  • Irandaam Kaalam                                            8:00 pm

  • Ardha Jamam Pooja                                      10:00 pm

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